In November 1996, I had my husband take me to the Emergency Room. I was experiencing shortness of breath, also, was getting very congested. I hadn't a clue to what was wrong. After one lung Xray...the ER doc sent me packing, telling me to take Ibuprofen. A week passed and I ended up at my regular MD's with laryngitis.

After taking antibiotics, in December, I went back to my MD; that time with high blood pressure and bronchitis. The end of December, I was back again; this time with a deep throat infection. I was given a lung steriod and told, if it did not get better, I was to see an ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor. Well, I was not getting any better and, with each passing day, I was vomiting, having very loose bowels and not digesting any food.

A week later, into January of '97, I took it upon myself to consult an ENT. He looked down my nose with a tube.......and concluded I was having heartburn! I had thought the drainage was causing everything!!!!!! His reply to "What's going on?", was "Who knows?...Heartburn's, heartburn!" He, in turn, wanted me to have a sinus CAT scan??????? He did prescribe Prilosec for me. I filled the prescription, went home, and thought about it all.....and cancelled the CAT scan!!!

I went back to my regular MD after a week of Prilosec because I had wound up right back where I had started........nausea, vomiting and loose stools. He gave me instructions not to eat after 6 PM, to sleep elevated, and prescribed Axid, for nighttime use. I went back, the following week, and he prescribed Propulsid, stating if not better in a week......a Gastro doc for me!!!!!!!

Well, needless to say, I did go to the Gastro doctor ! He performed an endoscopy, and concluded that I had bleeding ulcers and GERD. He prescribed Prevacid!!!! Three days later, I felt like a new woman!!!!!!

I try to take care of my GERD by diet and sleeping elevated. Occasionally, I take Prevacid for a few days, but, for now, I am feeling great!!!!!! I might add that my anxiety level was causing me to produce way too much acid. I was convinced I was going to die of a blood clot or something major! I was feeling like, perhaps, it was all in my head. I honestly believed that's what everyone thought.

I might add that I've had three children and NEVER HAD HEARTBURN in my life, prior to this experience. After four months of pure H E double L, I just want to conclude that "what goes up, does go down", and causes major problems!!!!!! By the way, I'm only 35 and ,also, now have asthma, related to the GERD.

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